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American Roulette game tileAmerican Roulette game tile
European Roulette game tileEuropean Roulette game tile
French Roulette game tileFrench Roulette game tile
Virtual Roulette game tileVirtual Roulette game tile
American Roulette game tileAmerican Roulette game tile
Arabic Roulette game tileArabic Roulette game tile
Auto-Roulette La Partage game tileAuto-Roulette La Partage game tile
Auto-Roulette game tileAuto-Roulette game tile
Auto-Roulette VIP game tileAuto-Roulette VIP game tile
Bucharest Auto - Roulette game tileBucharest Auto - Roulette game tile
Casino Malta Roulette game tileCasino Malta Roulette game tile
Deutsches Roulette game tileDeutsches Roulette game tile
Double Ball Roulette game tileDouble Ball Roulette game tile
Dragonara Roulette game tileDragonara Roulette game tile
Roulette Francophone game tileRoulette Francophone game tile
French Roulette Gold game tileFrench Roulette Gold game tile
Grand Casino Roulette game tileGrand Casino Roulette game tile
Greek Lightning Roulette game tileGreek Lightning Roulette game tile
Hindi Lightning Roulette game tileHindi Lightning Roulette game tile
Hippodrome Grand Casino game tileHippodrome Grand Casino game tile
Immersive Roulette game tileImmersive Roulette game tile
Instant Roulette game tileInstant Roulette game tile
Japanese Roulette game tileJapanese Roulette game tile
Lightning Roulette game tileLightning Roulette game tile

How to Play Casino Roulette at Belabet

Belabet can boast hundreds of certified and spectacular table games. Figure out how to play casino roulette for real money online. Trust Lady Luck and memorize straightforward roulette game instructions:

  1. At the beginning of the game, place virtual chips on the number, grouping of numbers, or a color you believe will win. Alternatively, you can guess if the lucky sector turns out to be Even/Odd. Wagers are made on a separate board.
  2. The system or a genuine dealer (if you’ve picked a roulette casino live version) will spin the wheel and throw the ball on it.
  3. When the ball lands on a particular number, you’ll determine whether it matches your prediction. If your instincts have not failed you, payouts will be credited immediately.

Belabet recommends studying the game rules and potential odds beforehand. First, delve into bet variations. Roulette casino live and online simulators imply these picks:

  • Outside Bets. You can wager on prize color, even or odd numbers, low or high numbers (1-18 or 19-36), or prefer dozens or columns. Outside stakes ensure a higher likelihood of winning but modest rewards (up to 2:1).
  • Inside Bets. Predict one specific number or a small grouping of 2–6 ones. These selections are more risky but promise breathtaking coefficients of up to 35:1.

We advise enthusiasts from Canada to kick off gambling adventures in a demo mode accessible for each RNG-based game. Remember that no strategies and tricks can guarantee you win on the Internet since every outcome is random and unpredictable.

Experts reveal some tips for a confident start. Play casino roulette with two bets simultaneously. For instance, you may wager on Even/Odd and place a street stake on three numbers. This hint can help you partially recoup losses if one prediction turns out to be wrong. Take into account that we regularly provide bonus offers for your enjoyment.

A Selection of Roulette Casino Live and RNG-Based Games

Belabet frequently diversifies its gaming collection and adds new live and RNG-based titles to the site. First, pay attention to European roulette, considered a classic in the gambling world. It includes 1-36 numbers and one zero pocket and has a 98.37% RTP. Opt for European Roulette VIP from Spinomenal or European Roulette from Evoplay. This type of game in the casino suits newcomers.

If you like more complex and non-standard roulette versions, try your hand at games with two zero pockets. American roulette is endowed with 00 and 0 sectors, which increases the risks while enhancing the thrill. The average winning probability reaches 94.74%. Some roulette variations adhere to the Surrender rule. If zero falls, the latter allows you to return half of the failed bet on colors, even/odd, or low/high numbers. Belabet offers American Roulette 3D by Evoplay.

French roulette often has a separate track for call bets, which makes this version appealing for pro gamblers. On the other hand, the game rules imply the opportunity to make up for losses, as with the American variation. La Partage and En Prison come in handy if you bet on equal chances, but zero wins. The game has a 98.65% RTP. Belabet proposes French versions from Evoplay and other prominent developers.

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